Bike transport on Portuguese trains ( via "Comboios de Portugal" - CP)

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Bike transport on Portuguese trains ( via "Comboios de Portugal" - CP)

You can now carry your bike in most trains in Portugal, via "Comboios de Portugal" - CP . The State-Owned company is one of the most representative portuguese companies and the country’s largest land transport operator and only rail transport services.

Here are the general conditions for carrying your bike on CP trains, across Portugal. There are exceptions for these general conditions ( like transporting bikes on the high-speed trains) - for those, you can consult their page regarding bike transporte, by clicking here.

"General conditions

Apart from the special conditions that apply to each service, bike transport on CP has to meet the following conditions:

  • each customer can only take one bike;
  • CP is not liable for any damage caused to the bikes and/or third parties during the journey;
  • the bike owners are responsible for putting the bikes on and off the trains;
  • the bikes must be transported so as not to block the doors or to hinder other passengers boarding or disembarking;
  • no cycling is allowed in the stations, concourse underpasses or overpasses;
  • bike transport is only allowed on the permitted services and carriages;
  • the ticket inspector may refuse the transport when, given the number of passengers on the train, the bike could cause danger or damage to the train or injure people or when it could disturb normal service;
  • outsized bikes (e.g. long bike or tandems) are not allowed;
  • electric bikes are allowed (maximum power of 0.25 kW), so long as their size/space (not considering the battery) are similar to normal bikes;
  • bikes can only be carried under normal operating conditions. This does not include replacement bus services or similar. "


NOTE: This information is provided by CP, has been updated on the 12th of February of 2018 and does not substitute CP's terms and conditions - for more accurate information, please visit their website at 


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