Recorridos en bicicleta autoguiados, en Portugal: what to expect

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Recorridos en bicicleta autoguiados, en Portugal: what to expect


Riding by yourself

Our self-guided tours can start with minimum two travelers, so don't count riding in a group - you'll be riding in your own group, most of the times. That is a great option for those who value independence and choosing their own timing and pace. But make sure you take some time before the tour to ride by yourself or with the fellow riders you'll be sharing the trails/roads with.

More independence = less support

Unlike guided bike tours, self-guided bike tours do not have an accompanying support van. This means that it's your responsibility to get to the next hotel every day, even if you head into bad weather or just don't feel like riding anymore. If you do run into trouble, though, call the emergency hotline, and we will help as much as possible. So make sure you follow our packing list and bring all the gear necessary to prepare for weather changes.

Self-Navigation and bike repair

You are expected to follow the tracks on your GPS which are your main navigation system, so basic understanding or experience of GPS is a plus ( we do, however, explain how to use the GPS's on your private briefing). You'll also be expected to fix your own flats (If you don't know how to, ask your local bike mechanic to show you how to do it or ask our guide at the initial briefing) and handle minor bike repairs during the ride. In the rare case of bicycle breakdowns, you may be asked to take public transportation or a taxi to the next town, where there may be a repair shop that can fix the problem - we work with several bike shops throughout the routes and they will be able to assist you with mechanical problems ( according to their availability). Make sure you know how to change a flat and handle minor issues that may occur during your rides.

Ride in similar conditions

On most of our bike tours, you'll be riding several days in a row. Make sure you prepare yourself by riding the same type of bike you'd be using on the tour in order to better simulate the conditions you are going to encounter - it's very different to ride in mountain, road or hybrid bikes. Also, we suggest you ride at least two days in a row, so your body adapts better to these conditions and to take notice of the average mileage and altimetry you'd be riding on your tour itinerary - make sure you experience riding those many miles before you do the tour.

If you are an experienced rider and like to explore on your own, a self-guided bike tour might just be best option for you! If you need any help or guidance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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